Specific Defect Report (SDR)

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A Specific Defect Report is suitable if you own a property or are planning to purchase a property which has one or two particular defects, such as cracking or an area of damp. We will conduct an inspection of the defect and then produce a bespoke report with photographs included on the likely cause and remedial works which may be required in this regard.

If you are concerned about a particular defect and require assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide estimates for remedial works?

If you require an estimate for the proposed works, then we can assist by attending with a Contractor who will produce a quotation for the works required. In some cases, it may be necessary to undertake a Schedule of Works for the Contractor to price and we will inform you if this is recommended.

Will the Specific Defect Survey identify the cause of the defect?

All effort will be made to establish the source of the defect however sometimes this may not be possible during the initial inspection for various reasons, such as restrictions to access or requirement for specialist equipment to be used. For example, if damp staining was found to the ceiling beneath a flat roof, we cannot make comment of the condition of the roof substrate without undertaking opening up works with the help of a Contractor and subject to permissions from the home owners if you are purchasing a property. If this is required, we will make this clear at the earliest stage possible and will arrange a further inspection in this regard.

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