Drone Roof Inspections

For hard to see areas

Our team at K&A Chartered Surveyors provide Drone Roof Inspections (also known as Drone Surveys) to residential and commercial clients. This service can be done as a standalone Survey or as part of a package deal in conjunction with our other services including a Building Survey, Homebuyers Report, Schedule of Condition, Dilapidations and Project Management services.

Using a Drone is a safe way of inspecting areas which are difficult to access or are not visible from ground level, this is particularly the case with butterfly (London roofs), flat roofs, roofs on high rise buildings such as: blocks of flats or industrial units, chimney stacks, box gutters, flashing details, rainwater goods and many more.

The Surveyor using the drone will be an experienced Chartered Surveyor and a registered operator with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). They will also be fully Insured and will be using a high-definition drone which has a 4k camera which will allow both pictures and videos of those hard to see areas to be taken. These would otherwise not be visible form ground level.

All surveys are subject to weather conditions however we will do our upmost to complete the Drone Survey on the agreed date if possible. In circumstances where we are unable to undertake the Drone Survey, we will contact you to make alternative arrangements.

Prior to our inspection we will do a desktop study to ensure that a Drone Roof Survey is permitted within the address provided. If there are any restrictions, we will advise you accordingly. These restrictions include but are not limited to, restricted airspace, areas within close proximity of airports or Military grounds.

If you wish to proceed with a Drone Roof Inspection, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for a Drone Roof Inspections?

Our fee will vary on a case-by-case basis. Several factors are taken into account, such as the size of the property and whether or not the Drone Survey is arranged as a package deal with our other services. We do offer a discounted rate on the Drone Survey when it is added as an additional service with our other services we offer.

What are the benefits of using a Drone Survey over traditional means of access?

A Drone Survey causes less disturbance and is a safer option. In the majority of cases, it may also be a more economical option.

Can my neighbours stop you from using a Drone above our house?

We only fly over properties where we have permission to do so and there is no restricted airspace. We will stay within the boundary of the property of which we are Surveying.

How long will a Drone Survey take?

Our Drone Survey will add an additional 30 minutes – 1 hour to the normal Survey time. On larger properties or commercial units, this time will be more and we can advise you accordingly on a case-by-case basis.

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