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Traditionally, roof inspections required manual access, often involving scaffolding or cherry pickers, which could be costly, time-consuming and potentially hazardous. With the advent of drone technology, we at K&A Surveyors have embraced this evolution, offering drone-assisted Surveys that provide detailed insights without the need for physical roof access. This not only ensures safety but also offers a more comprehensive view of the property’s roof condition.


At K&A Surveyors, we pride ourselves on offering a seamless and efficient process for our Drone Roof Surveys, ensuring Clients receive the most accurate and detailed insights into their property’s roof condition.

  • Initial Assessment: Before deploying our drones, our team conducts an initial assessment to understand the site’s specific requirements and potential challenges.
  • Use of Advanced Drone Technology: We employ state-of-the-art drone technology capable of capturing high-resolution images and videos in 4K. This allows us to inspect every aspect of the roof, even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Compilation of Data and Detailed Reports: Post-survey, our experts compile and review the captured data. Clients are then provided with a comprehensive report detailing the roof’s condition, potential issues, and recommended solutions.
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Our Surveyor using the drone will be an experienced Chartered Surveyor and a registered operator with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). They will also be fully Insured and will be using a high-definition drone which has a 4k camera which will allow both pictures and videos of those hard to see areas to be taken. These would otherwise not be visible form ground level.


Using drones in roof inspections has revolutionised how we approach property inspections. At K&A Surveyors, we’ve witnessed firsthand the benefits this technology has to offer:

  • Safety Benefits: One of the most significant advantages is eliminating the need for manual roof access. This drastically reduces potential risks associated with traditional methods, ensuring a safer process for all involved.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Drones can cover large areas in a short span, ensuring rapid data collection. This means Clients receive their reports faster than ever before.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Our drones’ high-resolution imagery and videos offer unparalleled detail, ensuring every potential issue is identified with utmost precision.


Through our Drone Roof Survey services at K&A Surveyors, we’ve identified a range of common roof defects that Landlords should be aware of:

  • Damage and Cracks: Drones can easily spot areas where the roof has suffered damage, including visible cracks or weakened sections that might pose a risk.
  • Dampness and Water Pooling: Our drones can identify areas where water accumulates, potentially leading to dampness, leaks, or structural issues over time.
  • Issues Related to Extensions or Conversions: Any inconsistencies or defects arising from added extensions or conversions are captured.
  • Chimney and Gutter Defects: From misaligned chimney bricks, to damaged flaunching and loose chimney pots to blockages in gutters, our drones ensure every aspect of the roof is thoroughly inspected.


At K&A Surveyors, we prioritise both legal and safety aspects when conducting a Drone Roof Survey.

Drone Operation Regulations and Certifications

We strictly adhere to all regulatory guidelines and ensure professionals operate our drones.

Privacy Concerns and Neighbour Permissions

Respecting privacy is paramount. We always seek necessary permissions and ensure our operations don’t infringe upon the privacy of the neighbours or surrounding properties.


We can offer additional services, such as prepare a Schedule of Works, obtain quotes from Contractors and to finally provide Project Management services to rectify the issues occurred.


Our fee will vary on a case-by-case basis. Several factors are taken into account, such as the size of the property and whether or not the Drone Survey is arranged as a package deal with our other services. We do offer a discounted rate on the Drone Survey when it is added as an additional service with our other services we offer.

A Drone Survey causes less disturbance and is a safer option. In the majority of cases, it may also be a more economical option.

We only fly over properties where we have permission to do so and there is no restricted airspace. We will stay within the boundary of the property of which we are Surveying.

Our Drone Survey will add an additional 30 minutes – 1 hour to the normal Survey time. On larger properties or commercial units, this time will be more and we can advise you accordingly on a case-by-case basis.

Absolutely! With advanced technology and expert analysis, Drone Roof Surveys offer precise and detailed insights.