Our Chartered Building Surveyors undertake instructions across all Building Surveying disciplines for private and commercial clients. We offer our services throughout London, Kent, Essex and Surrey.

Building Survey

A Building Survey is categorised by the RICS as a Level 3 survey and is the most detailed type of survey available.

The Building Survey we prepare for you will be bespoke to the property you are purchasing and will give you the information you need to make a informed decision on how you wish to proceed. This report allows you to have the peace of mind you need when making one of the largest purchases or investments in your life.

At K & A Chartered Surveyors we offer competitive rates on fees in this regard and we will always contact you after the Survey to discuss our findings as well as providing you with a thorough and bespoke report.

Please feel free to get in contact to have one of our Chartered Surveyors assist you in this regard.

Home Buyer Report

The Home Buyer Report is categorized by the RICS as a level 2 report and therefore is not as detailed as the Building Survey. The Home Buyer report is therefore recommended for properties of a modern construction.

As this Survey is not as in depth our fees are less then the Building Survey. We will still provide you with the Home Buyer Report and contact you after our inspection allowing you to make a informed decision on how you wish to proceed.

Specific Defect Report

If you own a property or are about to purchase a property and are concerned with one particular defect then this is the report for you. For example, if you are concerned about a particular crack or an area of dampness we can prepare a report on that Specific Defect.

Schedule of Condition

A Schedule of Condition records the condition of a property in it’s current state with both photographs and text. This report is usually produced on a commercial property before the commencement of a new commercial lease. As a tenant, a Schedule of Condition can save you large sums of money by limiting your liability.

Schedule of Conditions are also requested when your neighbour’s are doing works which can cause damage to your property and you have consented to the Party Wall notices received. The Schedule of Condition provides an element of protection for the person doing the works and the neighbouring properties as if damage is caused and disputed the Schedule of Condition can be referred back to in order to confirm if it is new or was already there prior to the works.

Schedule of Dilapidation

There are two types of Schedule of Dilapidations Terminal and Interim.

Terminal schedules of Dilapidation are served at the end of a commercial  lease and Interim Schedule of Dilapidations are served during the lease.

The Schedule of Dilapidations record any breaches of the lease including Alterations, Statutory obligations and any repairs and decoration. The reports also gives a cost estimate for remedial works needed.

This then enables the landlord to either pursue the tenant to fix the breaches or negotiate a financial settlement to rectify the breaches themselves.

Please note that most commercial leases allow the Surveyors fees to be rechargeable to the tenant.

If you require any assistance with any of the above then please do not hesitate to contact us.
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